The Once and Future Hoodie has arrived…

(What else would it be?)
Introducing the newest addition to our Incandescent Armor Jackets: The Once and Future Hoodie! For space-age royalty only PLEASE, darling. Released in a limited run, with all the same fantastic features and fit of the IA Jacket family. Get on your high horse.

Incandescent Armor




I have been working on these hoodies FOREVER, and finally today I launched the Kickstarter,for them. I would ramble on, but this process has been incredibly exhausting, rewarding, and emotionally draining… and it is only just launching, so… much chocolate shall be consumed this month. I am SO proud of these, they really do look great and reflect a ton of hard work. If you are so inclined, please check out the project and share it around– it would mean the world to me and, really, mama needs to pay her shiny bill.



New Stuff, Pre-Order

Unicorn Britches!

The Faun-beast is still coming along nicely, never fear. I have a lot of pictures I just need to edit and attend to. In the mean-while, I had the chance to design something new– I call them Unicorn Britches. I think this is appropriate.



I was quite proud of these. I added the fold-over waistband– I think these are probably the most flattering waistbands possible. My problem with them is their tendency to ride up when you move– that irritates the hell out of me. Then I thought, well, let’s tack the sucker down! How to do that in an attractive manner? Hence the lace-up detail. The eyelets go all the way through the pants, securing the waistband down. Plus, lace-ups are hot. End of discussion.

I also added a gusset to these babies. I’ve been wanting to try this out, and they really do add a lot of flexibility and sturdiness. May have to add this to all the Britches eventually.



This fur is madness. Rainbow sparkles in white fur. If that isn’t unicorn-like (unicorny? ) I don’t know what is.






Unicorn love!!!



I’ll be making these generally available eventually, but am taking pre-orders now, production starting May 20.

There will be 2 options: The white version you see here, and a black version. Black will have this fur: http://www.mendels.com/furswatch/G24blacklg.jpg
and this spandex: https://beastwares.myshopify.com/collections/glitter-britches/products/oil-slick
-Trim options are either silver or gold.
-Lace-up detail will have 6 extra-large eyelet on each side, also in either silver or gold color.
-Inseam is approximately 34″ to cover boots and heels, but I double-stitch the seams so you can cut them down easily if you like, or just request shorter at time of purchase.
-Includes crotch-gusset for best flexibility and sturdiness.
-Fold-over waistband, secured with eyelets and lace-up detail– no waistbands sneaking up.
-$160. $10 ship anywhere in US. International varies.

Please email me at phoenix@beastwares.com if you want to snag a pair!