New Stuff, Pre-Order

Unicorn Britches!

The Faun-beast is still coming along nicely, never fear. I have a lot of pictures I just need to edit and attend to. In the mean-while, I had the chance to design something new– I call them Unicorn Britches. I think this is appropriate.



I was quite proud of these. I added the fold-over waistband– I think these are probably the most flattering waistbands possible. My problem with them is their tendency to ride up when you move– that irritates the hell out of me. Then I thought, well, let’s tack the sucker down! How to do that in an attractive manner? Hence the lace-up detail. The eyelets go all the way through the pants, securing the waistband down. Plus, lace-ups are hot. End of discussion.

I also added a gusset to these babies. I’ve been wanting to try this out, and they really do add a lot of flexibility and sturdiness. May have to add this to all the Britches eventually.



This fur is madness. Rainbow sparkles in white fur. If that isn’t unicorn-like (unicorny? ) I don’t know what is.






Unicorn love!!!



I’ll be making these generally available eventually, but am taking pre-orders now,¬†production starting May 20.

There will be 2 options: The white version you see here, and a black version. Black will have this fur:
and this spandex:
-Trim options are either silver or gold.
-Lace-up detail will have 6 extra-large eyelet on each side, also in either silver or gold color.
-Inseam is approximately 34″ to cover boots and heels, but I double-stitch the seams so you can cut them down easily if you like, or just request shorter at time of purchase.
-Includes crotch-gusset for best flexibility and sturdiness.
-Fold-over waistband, secured with eyelets and lace-up detail– no waistbands sneaking up.
-$160. $10 ship anywhere in US. International varies.

Please email me at if you want to snag a pair!