New Stuff, Photo Shoots
We did a little mini-shoot the other afternoon–Here are some of my favorites.

The new Kilaueas– 3 feet of pure dark rainbow power!

Nuclear meltdown pink, with holographic disco madness.

I’m so excited for these to be available! And yes, I know that timing is entirely dependent on me–shut up.

Cowls are for hiding.

This is my Walking Dead pose. I am such a hot model. I don’t know why agents aren’t banging down my door.

Railroads are just MADE for frolicking, donchaknow.

I only got a little bit of this stripey fabric, so it’s going to be a super small run, but I’m pretty pleased with how they came out.

This is the most recent incarnation of the hoodie I was ranting about in the last post. I think it’s about done being messed with. I changed the pockets a bit and nipped in the sides a bit more… I think we good now.

One more of the hoodie. Can I call it a hoodie when it has no hood? “Sweatshirt” doesn’t sound fancy enough. “Cowlie?” Yeahhhh…


Right, it’s raining and that’s perfect weather for going into a sewing coma. Perhaps with tea.

Photo Shoots

The Minister of Purpleganda takes a stroll…

The Minister instructing the commoners on the first principles of rudimentary flight.

The Minister continues his philanthropic activities, serenading the construction workers. Never fear, his hat is fully safety-equipped.

The Minister makes a friend!

The Minister makes time for his Ministerial Minstrel duties. Today, he serenades the hipsters.

The Minister takes a moment to stroll with the commoners…

Dancer pose is best done with a ukelele. The Minister has most excellent form.

The Minister has truly regal bearing at all times.

This devoted fan was so thrilled to meet the Minister, he just had to give him a hug.

The Minister makes allowances for a gratuitous booty shot.

The Minister makes allowances for a gratuitous booty shot.

The Minister enjoys a quiet moment.

The Minister with a sweet ride. He would have taken it as his chariot, but it was the wrong shade of purple.

The Minister practicing his rock star and/or wrestling poses. One must keep one’s skill honed, you know.