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New Clothing Tag Time!

Yeah, that hardly sounds thrilling, I know, but it’s time. I thought I was very clever with my Glitter Britches tags, getting fiber content and care info and EVERYTHING on one tag, but then I started making things that AREN’T 80% polyester and it all went to hell. Plus, as much as I like my GB tags, the super-cool silver ink they’re printed with wears much more than expected, and we can’t have that, now can we? So to Google I go.

It’s amazing how much there is to think about once you decide you need to buy some tags. Woven or printed? Damask, silk or taffeta? Color? Added rhinestones? Rubber tags are very “in” these days you know. How about die-cut platinum? Thrilling! Embossed leather? But of course!

Then you realize that your tag costs more to produce than the entire garment it’s meant to be labeling. Oops.

It’s hard to be both a designer and a cheap bastard, let me tell you. I really NEEDED those dupioni silk tags with engraved copper detailing. However, the cheap bastard is hard to shut up, so I went in search of a cheaper alternative. I found an awesome deal on woven damask tags (ooh trĂ©s chic!) in and overstocked yarn… basically they were wicked cheap if you got them in red and white. Fine! I went to art school! I can work within parameters! It’s a slightly altered and updated version of the GB tag, but laid out to fold in half and be sewn inside, rather than a “clench fold” that goes over a seam with one half on the outside. The magpie logo gets to feature prominently though, which I like. No more fiber content–sorry, laws, I’m broke and use too many different fabrics. And it’s still a bit funny, which is imperative. I kind of want to spring for tags with weird, random phrases on them and sew those in too. Because I would REALLY like it if my clothes had secret messages. Like the fortune cookie of the fashion world…


Now I need to go make some clothes to put these babies in.