Space Koyote

Space Koyote Art Hunt, Endless Series: Despair

Despair gets a pretty raw deal in the Sandman, as you might imagine. It’s hard to be the anthropomorphic personification of the loss of all hope.


I felt a strange, Winnie-the-Pooh-esque desire to cheer her up, ironic as that may be. And while we’re being ironic, I thought it might also be fun to make her a pinup girl. Because why not?


In keeping with the theme, I put her sigil in the word balloon, and of course had to put in her rats.








I left the first one at Therapy in Berkeley. The setting was too rife with irony to pass up– I mean come ON!


…and it was quickly snapped up by @ass666beater, who definitely wins the instagram handle award for the day.


The second one I left at Dr. Comics and Mr. Games in Oakland. Comic books stores just seem like the right venue for these guys.


This one was nabbed by Jazz Tigan, who has the perfect home for her all set up. IMG_2966

The last one I was going to hide a bit better… but I didn’t. It’s a tricky balance between hiding and plain sight. Eventually I’d like to hide them more, make this harder/more fun, but I’m concerned that I don’t have enough followers yet and I don’t want them to be hidden and never found. So they’ve been more on the plain-sight side, but I promise I will start hiding some more sneakily, for you intrepid followers out there.

My friend Ryan came along with me on this drop and we drank tea while scoping the area like polite British spies. I think I may have gotten him hooked on the art-hunt– you feel so clandestine, despite not actually doing anything illegal.


Matt snagged the last one, and we were 3 for 3 this time with none disappearing into the ether… which makes me SO happy.


Thanks for playing, everyone. Next up, DESTRUCTION (dun dun dunnnnnn)!