Space Koyote

Space Koyote takes to the streets!

New project! One that will get me drawing a bit more– gotta use that ol’ illustration degree.


On my recent Boulder excursion, I got to chatting with my dear friend Sam. He’s been doing this incredible found-art treasure-hunt project, and of course I just had to get in on the action, because FUN and AWESOME. I encourage you to go ogle his site, but the basic gist is: make some art, leave it somewhere with a note, post hints to the location to Instagram, hope that the person who finds it will post their treasure to Instagram as well. That last bit is the tricky part, and not really the point– the point is to hide free art for the finding; it’s just nice to know where it ends up, and gives a feeling of closure to the game.

I love this because it’s street-art (which is a wonderful thing), but without the criminal aspect. I admit that I have always been too incredibly chicken-shit to even THINK about such things, except for that one time when I spray-painted my first boyfriend’s and my nicknames on on overpass we always drove under… badly, I might add. Shut up I was seventeen.

AAAAaaaannnyway. Street art. Free public beautification with a hint of subversion. Awesome. And the treasure-hunt aspect makes it even more fun, because everyone wants to find out what’s under the X that marks the spot– it’s been ingrained into us since birth. And as an added bonus, since I’m totally stealing Sam’s idea, it’s almost like collaborating, or at least like being art pen-pals.

So here’s the progression of the first one:


Sam and I decided I needed a different pseudonym for this, largely because I needed a new Instagram account. I know, I know, the trials of today’s world! I never like to use my real name for my work– I don’t know why. Maybe ’cause no one can spell it. Anyway names are fun so we cracked open the ol’ Thinkin’ Bourbon to get the job done!


Which is how Space Koyote was born: a culmination of bourbon, word-smashing, checking to see what was available on Instagram without having to add stupid letters, and discussions of the finer points of the Simpsons. What, how did you get YOUR name?


It seemed only appropriate to make the first run actual depiction of The Space Koyote. Did I mention there was bourbon involved?



I made four of these guys. 3 to leave in the world and one to keep, because it’s easier to leave your babies on street corners when you still have one left at home.

I am SO ready for parenthood, aren’t I?



Here’s the letters that I taped into the recessed backs of the panels. Basically I want people to know that it is not only ok but encouraged for them to take this little found-art home with them, and I ask them to please post a picture with themselves to Instagram. Yes I know not everyone has tech at their fingertips, but I can at least hope this prompts them to play the game. I think next time I may add a twitter thing as well just to cover more bases.



The first one I left near the university in Berkeley. This is harder than I thought! Finding a spot that is fun but not so hidden that no one will ever find it (I need more people to know and/or care before I can get too clever) is harder than it sounds. Plus I felt like such a creeper, leaving my art about and running off. I wandered about aimlessly for about half an hour before finding this awesome wall by @digitaldoesntcount:


So I left it here:


I then hid in the park across the street to see what would happen, feeling like a total badass and a total creeper all at once. In a word–nothing. No one noticed it. People took pictures of the gorgeous typography wall and flat out didn’t see it. Then I went to put money  in the meter.

Then it was gone. Like Sam says: a watched painting is never found.

Then Julie posted her conquest and the circle of life was complete!


The next two have not fared so well. I left them in the Mission and decided NOT to just wander about Valencia looking shifty, and to just trust to the universe to look out for them.





Well screw you too, Universe!

So far nothing has come of it, and they seem to have disappeared into the void of the city. Sigh. It’s a little sad, but that’s what you get when you go leaving free art about. I just hope that they were found by people who liked them, even if they didn’t want to play the game with me.

On to the next one, then. If you want to follow along or join in, my awesome new name and profile can be found at:


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