Makeup Monday: Peeps!

You would think I’d have done a St. Patrick’s Day look today, but no, despite having an Irish husband, I completely forgot the day was coming. Also, when you grow up in a college town, the things you associate with St. Patrick’s Day are not typically things you WANT to inspire makeup looks… Green puke! Screaming sorority girls! Passed out dudes in cheap plastic beads and vulgar t-shirts! How inspiring!

So none of that for me. You may pinch me if you want.

Today’s face is a bit tamer– I had towear it to work at the restaurant and be the hostess with the mostess. I will admit I have a bit of shame about this; I had a moment of “go big or go home!” but I already get a lot of odd comments at work, plus I wouldn’t want to put patrons off their food, so I went for “wearable daily look”. Sort of.

 I recently lightened my roots and removed more of the pink from my hair, which I think, what with my fried, fluffy locks (remember when I did that? Yeah, it’s still a thing) makes me look a bit like a baby chick, which made me think Easter, which made me think PEEPS.


Peeps are one of those cultural staples that are practically REQUIRED for Easter to happen. Welcoming of Spring? What? No, welcoming of marshmallow birds and chocolate eggs laid by dubious rabbits! Ok I talk shit, but I do love Easter. Anyway, Peeps.


So lots of yellow and glitter, OBVIOUSLY. Sadly, the glitter didn’t show up very well in the photos, which is too bad, as I promise you my eyes looked like sugar-coated diabetes-in-waiting.






I used a combination of Mehron and Lunatick Labs for the yellows and oranges, with touches of Urban Decay on the top. The eyeliner is Wet ‘n’ Wild and is, in point of fact, brown to mimic the Peeps’ chocolate eyes, but you can’t really tell in the photos. Ah well.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some green cupcakes to make, because not everyone forgot it was St. Patrick’s Day.


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