Makeup Monday: Away Message

It’s Jason’s birthday today and we are taking a few days away, so no new face today. Instead I present you with a few blasts from the past. I hope you enjoy them despite the terrible snapshot quality.

That time I was rocker Alice…


And went to a party that got photographed and ended up being the example picture for Wikipedia’s definition of “shag hairstyle”... in a cheap wig that is really not a shag cut at all. Irony lurks around every corner…

The time I was some sort of doll:


And had a dance with a dapper Egyptian god. IMGP3119

Or the time Jason and I were animals:



And the day we were, collectively, Bowie:


And the time we were Johnny Depp:


Ok I hope you enjoyed my little memory-lane ramble.  Have a splendid week.



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