Makeup Monday: 80’s Neon Punk, aka billybowiefrank.

Am I over my neon kick yet? Bitches, I am just getting started! I have all the markers and I won’t give them up! Nor shall I color within the lines! Rebellion!

I wasn’t feeling particularly inspired today, and my eyes are all puffy because apparently spring is here and brought me some allergies as a present. I didn’t notice this until I thought “maybe I’ll try a real cut crease look today” and then realized that the entire part of my lid I’d drawn on had been absorbed into the rest of the puffy flesh of my eye. Thus ensued a good 5 minutes of moving my chin up and down in the mirror and being hypnotically disturbed by watching my eyelids disappear within themselves. Yep, I am gross, it is true.

That was disheartening.

So to make myself feel better I pulled out my trusty Lunatick Labs AlieNEON palette, which is guaranteed to restore hope and faith in the goodness of the world by it’s sheer manic COLORFULNESS.

IMG_1881Seriously, how can you look at this and not feel better? It’s like pigment prozac.

So I started slapping green on my face, because I’ve been on a pink kick recently and I should try something new already.  This quickly turned into a bit of an 80’s party of punky proportions. Man, 80’s makeup kind of rules. You may see a lot more in this vein until I get over it and spiral into greyscale or something.  Ok, so for lack of a better term, this is my David-Bowie-Billy-Idol-and-Lisa-Frank-love-child (what a hot mess!) look:


For those of you who are curious, I used Lunatick’s white primer on my lids and brow area. The colors are pretty much all from the AlieNeon palette, with Urban Decay blue and purple swept over the inner and outer eyes for a little shimmer. Eyeliner is Wet-n-Wild liquid and Urban Decay pencil. False lashes would have been a good move but I am lazy and suck at applying them so too damn bad. Lips are Kryolan Aquacolor and Lunatick Labs Dr. Jekyll.

Here’s my Billy Idol moment. It’s a nice day for a neon wedding!



Oh, but David Bowie makes a comeback! Ground control to Major Neon!


And then Lisa is like “don’t forget me and my friends the rainbow dolphins and panda bears!”


And then Debbie Harry showed up and ruined everything. 6

80’s color-punk forever!





So that was my day. How was yours?







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