Makeup Thursday: Jem! (Truly Outrageous!)

As you may recall, last week I got frenetically excited about my new LunatICK Labs haul. Playing with this stuff has been like when I was a kid and Crayola released the neon markers– oh MAN I treasured those things like the gold of Atlantis or something. SO much clout at school for the proud possessor of that marker set!

And of course, it doesn’t take long, playing with neon, to have an 80’s moment, which, considering my recently bleached, poofy-pinky- easter-duckling hair, made me think of JEM.


Ironically, I have never actually SEEN Jem the cartoon, but I had several activity books about her as a kid. As I recall they included a red film “secret window” to reveal hidden mysteries. I always wondered how she felt about being in a love triangle with her boyfriend and her alter ego. Doesn’t seem like the boyfriend would win any points here, but hey, whatever suits you, lady.

Here’s the intro. Makes todays cartoons seem less stupid in comparison. I’m sorry, MLP Friendship is Magic, I take it all back.

A side note: If you google image search any variation on “Jem and the Holograms Costume,” your whole screen will become an explosion of neon worthy of Lisa Frank. Also there are some killer renditions out there in costume land, including this one particularly lovely specimen:


You sir, are doing it right. Gold star for you.

Anyway, here’s some makeup photos of mah face. For those of you that are curious about this sort of thing, I used Lunatick’s Prime Time primer as a base for the eyes. The pinks and purples are all from the AlieNEON palette (looove), and the eyebrows are part Lunatick, part Urban Decay, part glitter. The liquid eyeliner is Wet ‘n’ Wild and the white is Kryolan Aquacolor. The lips are a mix of Pure Color pigment and AlieNEON. My face is courtesy of my parents and my weird nose is entirely the fault of my father’s side.










 Truly, truly, truly outrageous!



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