Makeup Thursday: Faun Face

Today (well, a month or so ago, as evidenced by my hair color) I went a little woodland. I have a pretty intense costume that goes with this look, but I can never quite settle on the face. Or maybe I just like doing it so much I make up excuses to put it on. I wish I looked like this all the time. GOATS!

Here’s the outfit that accompanies the face. Well, the pants, anyway. The headdress went to live with a very nice man.


As requested, I promise I will start trying to list what products I used for these. I generally fail at that. I use everything like paint and so end up layering  a lot of different stuff. This is probably a very unprofessional way to apply makeup, but you know what? I don’t have a makeup background– I have a painting/crafting background! I’m lucky I don’t apply the shit like Francis Bacon…. that’s kind of a fun idea though.

I have 2 big mineral pigment stacks from Pure Colors and True Colors (I believe I bought them at a mall kiosk, for which I am rather embarrassed) that I use a lot. They have a few nice bronzes and peaches, which I largely used as facial contour/blush in this look.  This one also uses Kryolan Aquacolor Interferenz in Pearl and Bronze. These pans are great on their own, but also make nice cream bases– they really make a difference when used as a primer/base. The Pearl is the highlighter for nose/cheeks/brow/eye corner. Kryolan Aquacolor Interferenz in brown is used on the nose and lips. I need to get some more matte powders– I wanted to contour the nose with matte, not metallic, but as it turns out pretty much all of my makeup is shiny. Shocker.

I really don’t have any clever captions for photos today, so I will just inundate you with goatyness.
















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