Happy New Year


A confession: I get sad about New Year’s. I get maudlin and existential and am prone to weepiness. Shit gets intense and I don’t deal with it all that well. I try to avoid facebook because the mass chronicling of others’ peak experiences tends to make me both resentful and hyper-critical of my own, clearly pallid-in-comparison, existence. Talk of resolutions and hopes for the new year tends to freeze me like a deer in the beams of a mack truck. 

But I do have hopes. I quit my job 2-odd years ago to make a go of living on my art and haven’t had to return to full-time employment since. 

This has been the most wonderful, but also most challenging and terrifying thing I’ve ever tried to do.

So I guess I hope I get to keep doing it. 

Thanks to all of you who have supported this little venture of mine; I hope I can support you in yours.


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