Synthetic dreads are hard and I am going to crawl into a corner and eat brownies.

So! I started learning to make synthetic dreads, which, by the way, is WAY harder than it looks. Getting those bastards to twist up nicely, seal, and STAY SEALED is a serious pain in the arse, not to mention it takes pretty much an eternity. So, when you see dread sets for sale and think “gee, that seems awfully expensive”… SHUT UP IT’S NOT. Yes, I am feeling like a ball of fail on this front right now, but I remain hopeful and determined! I will prevail! I hope. Shut up.

Here’s my beautiful table of hair, before I turned it all into crap.



Here’s project manager Pekoe, being concerned that yes, once again, I have fucked it up.




Here’s some of my shame. At least the colors are pretty.



So, there we are with that. They’re getting a LITTLE better, but I’m still annoyed at my failure to master everything immediately and I have new-found and pro-found respect for the awesome dread-makers out there. On the plus side, I think I’ve burned off most of my fingerprints, and my forearms are getting super buff from back-combing, so perhaps I have a future career as a jewelry thief?

More to come…



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