The Pants March Fuzzily Onward…

Making a muslin from the cut up masking-tape-dummy-of-doom. I added a lot of seam allowance out of uncertainty. I’ve never made a pattern from a DTD before, and being as it was going directly to very expensive fur, I was being very nervous with fit.ImageFitting one leg of the muslin. Yes, it was way too big in some spots. Ah well. I also discovered that getting the non-stretch pants over the padded leg-form is a bit of an adventure. I have to creatively squish myself in, but once I get the pads in their proper spots all is well. This makes me think that if I do this again I might make the outer pants and sew the pads into the fur pants, so that one could just get slide their legs in. I did it this way this time so that the padded structure was re-usuable, more washable, and not married to one pair of pants, but… next time I may try the other way. I think it might be a simpler put-on process. 



Fur is cut–sewing pants.Image

Yes…. THIS is what is keeping me company. At least it isn’t Gossip Girl. That was last week 😉



The pants are pretty much together. I need to take in a few more seams, as the waist is still too big, but they’re pretty close. I’ll wait until I have the boots figured out to trim the hem. They have a zip fly; I’m still deciding whether to put a trim along the top edge or not, and I think I’ll add belt loops–the belt seems to smooth the transition from human to MASSIVE FUR BEAST.


I also need to get the husband to take some pictures so that they aren’t all taken in the ancient, foggy mirror in my studio. Next I’ll finish up the details and add a tail, because GOAT TAIL!





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