Satyr Project–The Pants Begin…

Soooo… first I made a basic pair of black stretch pants. Basically cotton-lycra Glitter Britches with some mild ankle mods. The calves/ankles need some space to go over the boots. It occurs to me that the wisest/easiest thing would be to get shoes, not boots, and be willing to tack the pants to them for best results, but here’s the thing… IF these turn out cool, and they might be a real horrorshow, but  IF they turn out well, then I may want to wear them again. And mama don’t wear regular heels. I’m a boot girl forever. So. I make things harder. Anyway–base pants:


With some stand-in heels until the real ones arrive. Goddamn these shoes are uncomfortable.


The pants need structure built onto them to give the digititrade shape. I read about a million opinions on how to do this– luckily furries are pretty helpful crafters. First I tried carving foam, which resulted in my whole studio looking like this:

ImageBut I couldn’t get a result I liked. I think if I had gotten thicker foam, and sprung for an electric carving knife, I could have pulled it off, but as it was, it was just frustrating. So now I have a lot of extra foam. Dog bed making time, perhaps…

After scrapping the foam idea, I decided to build pillows onto the pants. Here’s the pillows being pinned on. The shape is starting to come together…ImageHere they are with all the pads. I added a bit of bum padding, as it looked sort of off without it.   Bum padding!



Next I needed to make a duct-tape wrap to make the fur pattern… except in Crockett we have ONE, count it, ONE store/video rental/bait shop, and while they did have duct tape, it was about a dollar a foot. They have a bit of a monopoly. So I made a masking tape dummy, which I can’t say was the best move, but, you work with what you have.

Here I am as a goat-mummy. Those shoes are really freaking me out.ImageImage

After wrapping myself, I required one of these: 

Image…and then all was well again. 

I cut the tape off, and it’s ready for patterning. Image

I’ve never made a pattern this way before. Pray for me.


Tomorrow we’re going in to the city–fur shopping! 



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