Random Updated Musings…

Well, here we are again in the holiday season. We have finally finished with the last BeastWares holiday event, and I am celebrating by, well, mostly sitting still and staring at the wall. I’m calling this “meditation” and chalking it up to spiritual practice, NOT catatonia and a desire to do nothing work-related. I often find myself in the trap of thinking of all the things I could or should do–sketch, exercise, clean– and then generally feel like a failure at life for not doing them. I’m working on the whole “everything is just as it should be” thing–surprisingly hard. I’ve been training to be discontent for years, I can’t give it up now!

Apart from the good ol’ winter of discontent, things are coming along. The new collection, “We Can Dance if We Want To,” is SO close to being done and released. Why is it called that? Because it’s one of the best philosophies of life EVER.

We did an awesome photo shoot for it last week, shot by Carlo de la Sera and organized by Eamon Armstrong. It quickly became an impromptu dance party with photos on the side, which seems appropriate, really.  It looked a bit like this:


The Disco Prince in all his glory.


Party people making use of San Francisco’s rooftops. Superhero dance jam!

We should have pictures back pretty soon, which is the last step before launch. This is an exciting collection, because we’re really branching out. What started with Glitter Britches is expanding into a wider line, with tops and dresses and who knows what else on the horizon?

I also designed some new hang-tags, since the ones we already had are very specific to Britches. Here’s the new look:


I’m rather pleased with it. Originally it was going to be more colorful, since color and shine is a big part of what we do, but, you  know… black goes with everything, dahling.  I decided to be brave and take the text off the front entirely, because I like the logo so dang much, and I want to let that bold image just do it’s thing. The magpie is really central to the brand identity, and, hey, I just like him.