New Stuff, Photo Shoots
We did a little mini-shoot the other afternoon–Here are some of my favorites.

The new Kilaueas– 3 feet of pure dark rainbow power!

Nuclear meltdown pink, with holographic disco madness.

I’m so excited for these to be available! And yes, I know that timing is entirely dependent on me–shut up.

Cowls are for hiding.

This is my Walking Dead pose. I am such a hot model. I don’t know why agents aren’t banging down my door.

Railroads are just MADE for frolicking, donchaknow.

I only got a little bit of this stripey fabric, so it’s going to be a super small run, but I’m pretty pleased with how they came out.

This is the most recent incarnation of the hoodie I was ranting about in the last post. I think it’s about done being messed with. I changed the pockets a bit and nipped in the sides a bit more… I think we good now.

One more of the hoodie. Can I call it a hoodie when it has no hood? “Sweatshirt” doesn’t sound fancy enough. “Cowlie?” Yeahhhh…


Right, it’s raining and that’s perfect weather for going into a sewing coma. Perhaps with tea.

Works in Progress


Halloween is finally over and I have a bit more time on my hands. Time to make new stuff!

I’m in a space-themed fashion show in December, and I need some new pieces so my models aren’t strutting down the catwalk topless–space pasties? Also, I’ve been itching to make a cozy fall pullover. Something lined with nice cotton jersey– cozy on the inside, space-babe on the outside! Woo!

I’m working on V.4 today. I’ll post pictures soon. I’m also thinking of doing a guy’s version of this one…